WI Goat Yoga 2017

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FFrequently Asked Questions

What is WI Goat Yoga?

Goat yoga is a fun way to relax with vinyasa yoga and enjoy the outdoors, surrounded by goats... Who wouldn't love that!

How long is the class?

 Leonard & Daphne have class for 1 hour, after all of the relaxation, they are ready for their nap.

Is there a minimum age to sign up for a class?

For your child and the goats safety, all children must be 14 + and be accompanied by an adult to be a part of a goat yoga class.

What if I don't do yoga, but I want to come and see the goats?

WI Goat Yoga classes are very fun and casual. You are welcome to come and relax, but you are still required to sign up for a class.

Are there restrooms available?

Not at this time

Do you offer refunds on classes?

Unless the class is cancelled, we do not offer refunds

What kind of goats are Leonard, Daphne, Phyllis, Jerome, and Audrey

They are Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Will the goats poop and pee on me?

The goats prefer to go in a private area before class, but sometimes they get so excited to see everyone that it could happen. Please make sure you wear comfy, washable, goat friendly attire.

Do you offer private classes?

Yes we do! This is fabulous for team building, bridal parties, birthdays, etc. There is a 5 person minimum to book a private class.

Im ready to try WI Goat Yoga, How do I sign up?

Click on the "Sign Up For A Class" tab and  pick your class date. Please fill in the information and submit. Then please click on the Buy Now tab under your class date to pay for your spot.

What do I need to wear and bring to class?

Please wear washable, comfy clothes as this is an outdoor event with goats. You can bring your yoga mat or a beach towel. We have a couple of extra mats available to use.

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